World of Vision takes great pride in our clinical expertise as top Optometrists in Centurion. We offer comprehensive visual assessments, corrective and preventative vision solutions, with a special interest in children’s vision, sports vision and contact lenses. We deliver exceptional eye care.

To the management of World of Vision at Lifestyle Centre, I would like to write you this email to compliment you for exceptional service!

The nylon string around my one lens was coming loose, and has been like that for a while, so while driving from Builders Warehouse, I saw your business, and noticed you have a walk in Lab – that already impressed me quite a bit, so I thought, let me stop and see if you can assist me.

Standing outside looking through the window I saw your well equipped Lab. Something I have not seen before. So, we walked inside (myself and my daughter) and went to the Lab entrance – here comes (Aone) the lab technician – I hope his name is spelled correctly – And let me tell you – it’s been a while since somebody /anybody, gave me such a professional and friendly service! This guy, went above and beyond to help me – 2 minutes, and my spectacles was finished – this after he replaced the nylon string and cleaned the spectacles – wow – This guy knows what he is doing, and he’s hands were so experienced , that you can see this guy has done this many times before!

Then, he blew my mind! My daughter asked me what all the machines are for, and so I asked Aone if he can perhaps tell us. What does he do – he gives us a tour !!!!  He picks up a new job, and explain to us in detail how he prepare the lenses, how it’s cut, and demonstrate it as well – I mean where in your life, will you still get someone to do that much effort! I take my hat to Aone!

You have won a customer, and I will tell everyone I meet about you! Keep up the good work.

Cecil Meyer

World of Vision Client

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