At World of Vision Optometrists, we strive to achieve the best developmental platform for all children, both on the sports field and in the classroom.  We do our best to ensure that we provide children with all the tools to assist them to perform at their best.  World of Vision Optometrists offers comprehensive visual assessments, corrective and preventative vision solutions.

At least 80 % of what children learn, comes through their eyes.  Vision problems can adversely affect school achievement, sporting ability and social integration.

Today’s children make full use of digital devices, be it for education or leisure. They spend more time doing “near work” such as texting, playing games and watching videos or movies on cell phones.  Prolonged near work can increase visual strain and incidence of nearsightedness. With the added emittance of blue light from screens, their visual systems are exposed to a far greater demand than in the past.

The following signs may be an indication of underlying visual problems:

Near vision:
Holds the book too close or too far from eyes
Frequently changes the distance at which book is held
Blinks frequently
Frequently loses place on page
Confuses words, syllables or letters
Tilts head to one side
Stops reading after a short period of time
Use finger as marker when reading
Lack of comprehension
Headaches and eye pain
Poor concentration

Distance Vision:
Squint eyes and screw up face to see clearly
Bends head forward while looking up at the object
Use head movements to follow an object
Seems to lose concentration when things are explained on board
Closing or covering of one eye
Sensitivity to light
Sitting too close to the TV

Set aside a half an hour, ensure peace of mind for yourself and help build the foundation for your child’s academic achievement in future!

Don’t wait! Play an active role in assessing your child’s vision. We offer free school readiness screenings October and November 2020.

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