World of Vision has implemented a safety-first protocol in our practice, to minimize the risk of cross-infection between staff and patients.

Our protocol is based on 3 pillars:
– Social distancing
– Protection
– Disinfection

Social distancing
We always knew having a practice of more than 500m² has its benefits to patients, for instance being able to stock more than 3000  frames at any given moment, having a manufacturing Optical laboratory on our premises and more than 1 exam room available. During the COVID-19 pandemic we can offer enough social distancing between staff and patients in our 564m² practice to ensure a safe environment. Although we have all this space, we will strictly enforce level 4 rules and regulations, e.g. Only allow 50%  of our staff to work at a time and allowing the correct amount of public into the practice at any given time.

World of Vision Optometrists will do our utmost best to prevent disease transmission through direct contact or aerosol spreading with the following protocol:

– All our staff are supplied with Personal Protective Equipment, e.g. gloves, face masks, protective shields and perspex screens.
– All members of the public/patients entering the practice must wear a two layer mask.
– Optometrists rooms have equipment screens where patient and Optometrist interaction breaches 2 metres of contact.

– All our instruments are disinfected before and after each patient. Only disinfectant containing 70% alcohol, which is recommended by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are used.
– Workstations, surfaces, waiting area and lab is constantly disinfected.
– Apart from the 3-pillar protocol we also offer you front door parking.  Meaning you don’t have to enter busy public areas to access our practice. We’re just  a few steps from your parked car.

Call us on 012 653 2288 or email for all your questions, requests, or information.

Stay safe, take care
The World of Vision team