Your vision is directly related to your Sports performance.  Whether you are a casual sportsman/woman trying to stay fit and healthy, or an elite athlete, sharpened senses and accurate perception dramatically affect your athletic performance. Great Vision is critical to compete with top performance.

This all starts at World of Vision Optometrists with a comprehensive eye examination. One of our qualified Optometrists will determine your specific visual needs to enhance your sports performance. Different options will be presented to suit your individual requirements.

Contact lenses and prescription sport specific sunglasses are what we love.  Whatever the sport, we specialise in the solution!

We have a wide selection of sports frames and sunglasses in store, most of which are available with prescription lenses. We also offer cutting-edge technology in our prescription lenses, including Transitions, Polarized, ImpactX and Airwear materials with the latest digital free-form technology.

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Sport eyewear