Spectacles are not just a necessity these days but have also become a fashion accessory. When shopping for new frames at World of Vision Optometrists you’ll find a long list of brands. Familiar brands like Ray ban, Oakley, Vogue, Guess are always well presented.

What Types of Lenses Are Available?
As technology advances, so do lenses. In the past, they were made exclusively of glass. Today, most are made of high-tech plastics. These new ones are lighter, don’t break as easily as glass, and can be treated with a filter to shield your eyes from damaging ultraviolet (UV) light and blue emissions from your electronic devices.

The experienced staff at World of Vision Optometrists will guide you to choose the correct material and lens enhancements according to your prescription and lifestyle.

Top Tips to Care of Your Spectacles to make them last longer

Always rinse your glasses off with water before wiping or cleaning them. Even tiny particles of dust or dirt can settle on your lens, and if you wipe those around on a dry lens, it can be abrasive.

If you’re going to use a chemical, use sprays or cleansers that are specifically made to clean eyeglass lenses. Never use household cleaners like Window cleaners, because these contain chemicals, which will tear off the any coating on the lens.

NEVER use paper towels, tissue, or napkins to dry your lenses. All of these materials, regardless of how soft they are on your skin, have a textured surface and can easily scratch your lenses. Also, refrain from using the tail of your shirt. If the clothing is not 100% cotton, the fibers in the fabric will scratch the lens of your eyeglasses over time. The clothing can also have dirt on it, which means the residue ends up transferred to your lenses.

Hold your frames by gripping the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. This will keep you from accidentally bending the frame while you clean. Bent glasses can negatively affect the way you see out of your glasses. Plus, if your frames are bent out of shape, they’re more likely to feel uncomfortable.

Store your glasses when you’re not wearing them. This isn’t just a great way to keep dust and dirt away from your eyeglasses, but it also protects your specs from getting scratched, bent or broken. If you don’t want a big, bulky case, sleeker ones are available. Microfiber pouches are also great to keep at your office desk or on your nightstand for glasses you don’t necessarily wear all the time, like reading glasses.

Don’t lay your glasses lens down. This is just asking for scratched lenses.

Washing your glasses at least once a day will keep your lenses in their optimal state. The cleaner your glasses, the less your eyes have to strain to see through smudges, dirt and dust.

Never leave your spectacles in direct sunlight. The heat and the UV can damage both your frame and lenses.

Follow these great tips, and we are sure you’ll never want to leave your super clean specs behind.