Spring is finally here! As we bid Winter farewell, keep in mind that the year is drawing to a quick end. Remember to make use of your medical aid’s optometric benefits if you have not yet done so in 2020 and miss the end of the year rush.

With the biggest selection of Vogue, RayBan, Oakley and many more exciting eye wear in Centurion, we are sure you’ll find something to complement your spring wardrobe.

Easy Ways to Care for Your Eyes this Spring

Invest in a good pair of sunglasses: Proper UV protection is crucial for your eye’s health. In addition to blocking out harmful UV rays the correct sunglass lenses can enhance your vision in many ways. Polarized lenses eliminate glare. Light enters the lenses only from a certain direction/angle, blocking light reflecting off surfaces around you. This means no more glare from the tar surface of the road, the car approaching you or water surfaces.

Enhancing your driving and outdoor adventures
Different coloured lenses absorbs different spectrums of visible light and each has their own unique properties and advantages.

At World of Vision our Optometrists and Dispensing staff have the knowledge to guide you to select a pair of sunglasses that not only suit your looks but also your unique lifestyle.

Eye allergies: Spring not only brings warmer weather but dreaded allergies too!
Eye allergies are characterized by red, itchy, watery eyes that are caused by the same irritants that cause sneezing and a runny nose among seasonal allergy sufferers. If you think you have eye allergies, here are a few things you should know – including helpful tips on how to get relief from your red, itchy, watery eyes.

What causes eye allergies
Allergens are normally harmless substances that cause problems for individuals who are predisposed to allergic reactions. The most common airborne allergens that cause eye allergies are pollen, mold, dust and pet dander. Eye allergies also can be caused by reactions to certain cosmetics or eye drops, including artificial tears used for treating dry eyes that contain preservatives. Food allergies and allergic reactions to bee stings or other insect bites typically do not affect the eyes as severely as airborne allergens do.

Eye allergy relief – To get relief from your eye allergies and itchy, watery eyes, you can take a few approaches:

Avoid allergens
The best approach to controlling your eye allergy symptoms is to do everything you can to limit your exposure to common allergens that you know you are sensitive to. If staying indoors all the time is not an option, wear wraparound sunglasses to help shield your eyes from pollen, ragweed, etc., and drive with your windows closed.

Remove your contacts
Because the surface of contact lenses can attract and accumulate airborne allergens, consider wearing glasses instead of contacts during allergy season. Or consider switching to daily disposable contacts that you discard after a single use preservatives.

When you do go outdoors during allergy season, wear wraparound sunglasses to help shield your eyes.

Your Optometrist at World of Vision can quickly identify eye allergies and recommend the best eye drops and treatment plan to follow.

Enjoy Spring!