Vision is the most important aspect in the development of a child as it assists in both sensory and motor development. Vision is much more than just being able to see close or far objects. It is important to realize by not identifying problems early, one may affect the normal development of a child. At least 80 % of what children learn, comes through their eyes. Vision problems can adversely affect school achievement, sporting ability and social integration.

Studies have shown that 1 in 4 children of school age and 1 in 20 pre-primary children suffer from visual problems that could affect their performance.

A comprehensive eye examination may identify a visual problem that could prevent the child from achieving his/her full potential. The sooner the problem is discovered, the greater the chance of correction. EARLY DETECTION IS VITAL!

One or more of the following signs could indicate that a child has a vision problem. Book an appointment with your World of Vision Optometrist as soon as possible.

Near vision:
– Holds the book too close or too far from eyes
– Frequently changes the distance at which book is held
– Blinks frequently
– Frequently loses place on page
– Confuses words, syllables or letters
– Tilts head to one side
– Stops reading after a short period of time
– Use finger as marker when reading
– Lack of comprehension
– Headaches and eye pain
– Poor concentration

Distance Vision:
– Squint eyes and screw up face to see clearly
– Bends head forward while looking up at the object
– Use head movements to follow an object
– Seems to lose concentration when things are explained on board
– Closing or covering of one eye
– Sensitivity to light
– Sitting too close to the TV

Above signs indicate either a refraction problem (Nearsighted, Farsighted or Astigmatism) – Spectacles will be prescribed, or a visual developmental problem, which can be treated with Visual therapy.

It is advisable to take a child for an eye examination before they take the big step of going to grade R. After the age of five, children should have their eyes examined at least once a year by a qualified optometrist.

Set aside a 1/2 hour, ensure peace of mind for yourself and help build the foundation for your child’s academic achievement in future!

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